Screens Keep the Critters Out!


  • The Southwest Florida sun can make our windows screens, porch entry screens, lanai and pool cage screens brittle – sometimes, all is takes is a small breeze to blow a hole in an older screen.

  • Old screens trap dirt, making your view muddy. New screens will make your view new again!

  • If you’re considering selling your home, new screens will go a long way toward making your property show well to prospective buyers!

  • New screens will eliminate the intrusion of bugs, insects, and other critters (!) that can find their way into the tiniest holes and tears.

Sofitt and Fascia Repair

  • Just like sun exposure can do a job on screen in Southwest Florida, the summer rains can do the same to your home’s sofitts and fascia boards.

  • When rain blows up – as it is apt to do here during those terrible summer storms – water can get trapped in the sofitts, causing mold and mildew to grow and eventually causing the sofitt and fascia material to decay and crumble.

  • You need those sofitts and fascia boards to keep critters and other pests out of your attic.

  • Again, if you are planning on selling your home, decaying sofitts and fascia boards will be caught by any home inspector – potentially lowering the value of your home and preventing a quick sale.

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